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We’ve Moved March 1, 2008

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I started a new blog! This one won’t be deleted for a little while – so feel free to read back before the site is deleted. You can check out our new blog at:

See you there!


We’ve got walls!!! February 14, 2008

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Here is a picture of our new home with framed walls! It’s crazy how fast this process is going. I am excited to think that in just a few months we’ll be moving in! Click Here to see picture: Side View & Front Shot (Makes the house look so small!)

 ** Sorry that the picture has not been working! Big Thanks to Beckie for letting me know! **


Primary Assignment February 11, 2008

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So they’ve found a place for us to serve (at least for the time being) in our Primary — CTR 5 🙂 I got the chance this past week to meet our class of 6 boys… yep, all boys. Scott will definately be better at this than me. How do you relate to a 5 year old boy? We teach every two weeks, so we have some time to prepare our “lesson” – I noticed from sitting in this past Sunday that they don’t have a huge attention span. Singing. Mini-lesson with questions. Coloring. Singing. Prayer. Oh yeah and a lot of “Don’t touch the light switch.” “Please don’t jump on your chair” “Please get out from underneath the table” You get the idea… once again I’m reminded that when Scott and I are blessed with kids I get to be the mean mom and he gets to be the cool dad. 🙂 We’ll see how it turns out…


Foundation February 9, 2008

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Well, we heard from our family this week that the foundation has been poured for our new home. We couldn’t be happier! Here is a pic: Foundation Pic  🙂 We also heard from Scott’s dad yesterday that the framing for the walls is up now. Wow! That is quick. Hopefully I’ll get those pics soon and I can post them. I can hardly believe I will be finished with school in 3 1/2 weeks and we’ll be back in AZ in 7 or 8. Time is definately flying by. Keep checking back for new construction pics and updates on life.


The Trenches Stage February 2, 2008

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These are the latest pics from our new home — Big thank you to our wonderful family! We’re still waiting for them to poor the foundation, but are happy to see the trenches dug and the plumbing started. Trenches Pic 1 Trenches Pic 2 Trenches Pic 3

School is still very busy for me – 60 hours a week is tiring. Only 4 1/2 weeks to go!! Scott is busy with his new job as a dispatcher for a local truck broker company. We are both looking forward to our move to AZ this April… especially when we look at the snow outside covering our cars!


Primary Replacement Teachers January 20, 2008

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I had no clue that “Replacement Teacher” could be a calling – but sure, we’ll go with it. In all reality we are absolutely thrilled with being called into Primary. I’ve never been in primary (ever) so this should be a fun learning curve. We’ll be subs for new moms who are out for a month or two — so we won’t have a set class or teach every Sunday. I also am really happy that we were called as a couple. I think it will be an experience that will bring us together.


It’s my Birthday!! January 19, 2008

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Why is that your birthday is always the very best day in the world? Today I’ve spent the morning sleeping in and now I need to straighten up the house and get ready to go shopping and out to lunch with Buck. Tonight Scott is taking me out to dinner & a movie… maybe The Bucket List. Last night some of my friends from school – Kirstin & Staycee – took me out to see 27 Dresses with Katherine Hiegl in it 🙂 So dang good! Definately a chick flick, very predictable – but same great heart warming make you want to cuddle with a guy ending. I was happy to come home to my amazing husband 🙂

In other news I started going full time at school this week. Well, a little over full time – 12 hours a day to be exact. Suprisingly, it isn’t that bad. Yes, I am exhausted! But I love doing what I am doing, the girls make it fun and the days go by quick. I can hardly believe I’ll be finished up with my Basics at the end of Feb and taking state exams in March. Moving to Arizona is only a few months away now. 🙂

Alright I need to get a move on it 🙂 Happy Birthday to me!! (and Sheri Miller tomorrow!)


2248 N. Sabino Lane – our future address :) December 6, 2007

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We bought a house! Can you believe that? So crazy. We picked it out the day after thanksgiving and got all the paperwork done in a week. We’re building with DR Horton, we’ve heard good things about them, and the house will be done this summer. Below are some pics of the model home version of the one we chose. I’m hoping mine will look as pretty as theirs! J


House Pictures

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One week to go October 14, 2007

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I start night classes at Acaydia next Monday. So excited! 🙂 I went in this last week to pay my deposit, and just being there felt right.

Tomorrow is Scott’s birthday 🙂 The big 3-1. 🙂 We went out to dinner last night, so tomorrow will probably be mellow. We’ve considered going to see a movie… to bad the theaters are pretty disappointing these days…